How to Install HestiaCP (a fork of VestaCP) with Multiple PHP (Video & Text Tutorials)

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Note for the following video: I had later on found that the Hostwinds VPS server settings at the datacenter prevent[…]

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Steps of Getting a Virtual Private Server from Linode and Set Up with ServerPilot

I quickly write up the following in order for me and others who are walking on the same path of running WordPress optimized private server with Linode (LN) and ServerPilot (SP) – perfect match for the highest performance with the lowest server load. Compared with Ramnode, Linode’s server manager offers a lot of more functions from one central place. Ramnode’s free cPanel DNS Server (one for each account) is separate from its server manager and the server’s IP has to be manually added which takes an effort to figure out how it works.

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You may not know why your wordpress site is not fully SSL secured

I am moving all websites to our own private server at Ramcode and working hard to make sure each site is SSL secured using Let’s Encrypt certificates. However, no matter how carefully I changed all image reference source URL from http to httpS, the Firefox browser always displays the warning right in front of https on the browser URL, indicating the page has secured and unsecured contents mixed together. See it for yourself…

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