How to Install HestiaCP Development Builds and Test Various Things

I write this post for my own reference. I may make a video later on showing how to do it with an unmanaged Hostwinds VPS server.

Please refer to the installation part at HestiaCP’s GitHub link:

It is better to do a user backup and make sure that you proceed the following on a non-production server.

After getting the script, I just use this command as they have suggested:

If you use the Chrome browser (sorry I have not tested on any other ones), you will see a screen like this after login again:

You will notice something is not right. It is due to the CSS files being cached by the browser. Clear the cached content by using this combined keys on your keyboard:

Ctrl-Shift+R for Windows/Linux and Cmd-Shift+R for Mac and then you will see this – much better and more refreshed looking and structure!

The WEB view shows that the LetEnscrypt SSL certicates have been issued and installed properly for the two domain apps – one for the root hostname domain and one for the hostname subdomain:

The view for the Sever section has all the related items listed under it – Configure, Task Monitor, Network, Firewall, Updates and Restart:

The MAIL view is more interesting:

As it has a separate column you will not find on Hestia and Vesta master install – the SSL status for the mail domain. This means that it must have the corresponding settings already built-in. Let us check it out:

Yes! As you can see, it does have the options to turn on SSL and/or Lets Enscrypt. Good!

This means you can secure HestiaCP, webmail and mail logins with Lets Enscrypt’s certificates from within HestiaCP. You do not need to figure out any other custom ways to secure all three login paths. Wonderful!

But wait… Let us test to how it works.

Well, it did not work. But at least I got the error message. OK, let us add an A record for webmail on domain The next capture shows that webmail has been added as an A record:

Now, we try to add LetsEnscrypt SSL for the domain mail again:

Oh no. Another kind of error, 400! Now I get stuck πŸ™

Let us run v-update-sys-hestia-git to install a newer build directly from HestiaCP GitHub repository. That update is OK as you can see this:

Now login back to enable LetsEnscrypt for the mail domain again. Yes, it went well. Let’s see the MAIL view again:

Now it shows that SSL option has been enabled for the hostname root domain. Good!

But now I have another problem. I have the 500 internal error for all the following URLs:

When I clear the browser cache with Ctrl+Shift+R, the screen becomes this:

And when I set up an email account on Hestia and then on Thunderbird (my local computer’s OS is Linux Mint), I get this warning:

Note that this is the develop branch. It is expected to have problem. Please use the stable master branch for a production server.

OK, it turns out that it was the folder permission setting issue which has been fixed and resolved.

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